NAMASTE – Reverence at three levels


In the midst of the COVID-19 infection and the debate about avoiding shaking hands, President Donald Trump talked about Namaste after his recent trip to India. Namaste as a gesture is coming into prominence following the Coronavirus infection.

The gesture (mudra in Sanskrit) involves bringing together both palms of the hands before the heart and gently bowing the head. This non-contact acknowledgment is accepted as a divine greeting straight from the individual and reciprocated accordingly by the receiver.

Namaste-A seven letter revered Sanskrit word with a deep and profound meaning is made of two words: Namas + te.
Nama= bow, obeisance, deference, awe, salutation, acknowledgment, adoration, worship, respect, adulation, esteem, appreciation.
Te (as in Theo and say Te-rhymes with They) = You, they, that. 

Namaste is a pleasant sounding, harmonious, and revered word that has its energetic effects on body, mind and emotions.

BODY: While it may not carry any significance for the addressee or the addressers, in reality it is extending a warm welcome to each other and showing respect that you are equal to one another. The utterance of this word strikes an instant connect, clears away any doubts or discordance, and removes any barriers of resistance. Acknowledging the oneness and equality paves the way for an animated conversation. It also marks the beginning or ending of a conversation.

MIND: When you say Namaste, at the level of the mind, you are the recognizing the divinity in yourself and acknowledge the divinity in others. By saying Namaste, you are acknowledging mentally that the receiver is following Good Living Practices and strengthening the connection between the body and the mind.

EMOTIONS: At the level of the emotions, by saying Namaste you are acknowledging the “True you” and the ‘True self” in others and viewing all individuals as a manifestation of that supreme divinity.  

Thus, Namaste is not a loose word but a revered greeting. Say “Namaste” and “let go” of your ego, feel open, grounded, calm and experience oneness with your true self and see everyone and everything else as an embodiment of that true self- “the oneness”.

After saying it, notice if you are experiencing contentment and a sense of accomplishment. It’s a great positive spiral and it results in true happiness.


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